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Our objective is to maintain and expand Alaric’s status as the premier destination for trader talent in SEE and specifically on the Balkans. We achieve that by making significant investments in our traders.


What We Offer Discretionary Traders

Alaric provides a professional, state-of-the-art broker-dealer platform that provides all the necessary tools needed in the education and subsequent work process of professional trading:

  • Capital Allocations
    • Proprietary capital, from initial trainee funding to large-book traders
    • Subsequent introductions to outside financing sources
  • Trader Development
    • Alaric Training Program
    • Mentorship program
    • Weekly  training seminars & large library of proprietary  internal video training materials
  • Trading Floor (see below for more)
  • Unlimited Access to Expert Staff & Partners
  • Choice of Leading Trading Platforms & Tools
  • Extensive Easy-to-Borrow List and  Access to External Stock Loan Providers
  • Risk Management, Reporting & Back-office
  • Competitive Compensation & Benefits
    • Advance and bonus opportunity for new traders
    • No education or training fees
    • Competitive payouts for experienced traders
    • EU work visas for non EU-traders
    • Professional licensing sponsorship such as CFA, CPA, Series 7, KFN Adviser Lisence


About the Trading Floor

The modern, open-floor1000sq.m trading floor at our Sofia headquarters is one of our key differentiators. Trading floors can often be small, dark, and overcrowded. Highlights of our floor:

  • Modern, office space with great views
  • Unlike the typically dull floor, located in the exciting Financial Services District
  • Vibrant, collegial floor packed with outstanding traders;
  • Diversity of strategies and asset classes increases trader development while reducing adjustment periods during market shifts
  • Open, collaborative culture that is intense and competitive but always in good spirit


Remote Trading

Traders may opt to form small groups and to trade alone from their own offices, or even their homes, with complete access to our broker-dealer platform via dedicated VPN connection. Although we do not encourage trading alone we understand that people are different and some may trade better when isolated from the noise and distractions of the trading floor.