What do we believe in:

Markets are a living organism. They constantly evolve both in structure and nature, and arbitrage opportunities square faster and faster. As markets change, so do the asset classes and the way they trade.  Alaric is one of the truly leading firms in terms of development of new strategies.  All markets are now connected and correlated and we strongly encourage our traders to explore these correlations and to find meaningful strategies often overlooked by the mainstream investor or trader.

Discretionary and Automated Market Access

There are two predominant ways of accessing the market: Discretionary and Automated.

Discretionary Trading:  Also known as “manual”, where a trader uses direct access front-end and/or analytical software to exercise his/her trading decisions and strategies.  Learn more »

Automated Trading:  Commonly referred to as: “black box” or an “algorithm”, where a trader uses an API to access the market and execute his/her strategies via a programmed algorithm with preset conditions.  Typically, there is little to no human intervention in the trading process outside of risk management.  Learn more »

How We Trade:

From a few minutes, to a few weeks: this is the timespan of an average trade in our program. Risk/Reward is a very personal notion, however we help traders quantify that notion and bracket it.  We focus predominantly on the following trading strategies (as they have proven over time to constantly generate positive outcomes):  arbitrage, momentum, relative strength, event-driven, and technical.

What we are not:  high-frequency traders, market makers, fundamental long-term investors

What We Trade:

Equities:  Primarily US preferred stocks, including the entire spectrum of ETFs with special emphasis on Fixed Income based ETFs.  We trade a very diversified set of companies and sectors, often exceeding 500 individual names in a day.  We specialize in trading not-so-highly liquid securities.

Options:  Including stock and index options

Whose Capital Do We Trade?

As a broker/dealer working closely with a Hedge Fund, Alaric does have both customers and investors.  The Prop Trading Group however, works exclusively with capital belonging to the Hedge Fund partners.  Experienced traders may join the firm as members and contribute their own capital under a loan/leverage agreement with the Fund.  No money is being solicited from beginning traders under any circumstances.