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 The most valuable trading tools extend beyond level II quotes and fancy technical analysis crosshairs.  For many firms, “trading technology” just means a licensed trading platform and a T1 line.  We offer trading advantages through a lot more than that: our front-end platforms and back-end connectivity provide powerful ways to scan and access the market and find the real opportunities on a daily basis.


Proprietary Trading Tools

Our in-house development team builds unique trading tools aimed at boosting trader profitability.

Stock Locate GUI:

Our Stock Locate GUI is built to quickly and easily notify a trader of the availability and price of a stock locate. Such function allows the trader to make an informed decision without making an erroneous commitment by purchasing the locate in error (in the cases where locates may be integrated for a borrow directly from a the trading system). Our trading systems feature a multi-channel stock borrow environment, so that we can help you find the best price for your locate.

Common Strategy Layer (CSL):

A platform for the rapid development of automated trading strategies, CSL features modular building blocks of code for signal processing, risk management, and trade entry/exit.

3rd Party Trading Tools


Often ignored, this tool for seeing Market-open and Market-close auction demand and supply imbalances is a truly powerful tool for daily revenue generation. This is a feature not available on most retail platforms and to their clients.

Floor Broker Assisted Orders:

Via 3-rd party brokers, we can offer you one of the most powerful tools on the market to battle liquidity: the chance to send your orders directly to a floor broker during the most non-transparent market conditions: at the open and closing auctions. You will significantly increase the chance of having your order executed especially if the orders are large in size.

Charting & Analytics:  

eSignal, Bloomberg, TradeStation, FreeStockChars.com

News & Information: 

Newsware, Briefing.com, among others