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Technology | Trading Platforms

Alaric has partnered and integrated with the leading professional trading platforms in order to accommodate any trading style. We offer true direct market access (DMA) regardless if it is for discretionary trading or APIs for automated trading.

Why these platforms

Our partners have a proven track-record in building and maintaining lean, fast, platforms with optimized speed for processing and order remission. Below are some of the deep-value features these platforms offer to help you become a better trader and keep finding more strategies easily:

  • Pre-open, Open, and Close auction floor broker order placement
  • Auction imbalances
  • Deep Level II book
  • Direct Market Access to ALL US exchanges and most dark pools for fast and low-impact execution of larger order
  • All types of orders: islands, hidden, trailing stop, condition-triggered, etc
  • 24/7 technical and programming support
  • Rigorous reporting capabilities
  • Back-testing data

Platform Offerings

Alaric Securities offers Sterling Trader Pro and Sterling Trader LST (Lightspeed) trading platforms. Each platform has different strengths. In the process of going live, we will discuss with you which platform best suits your needs.