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Alaric offers a full suite of flexible front-to-back solutions for the professional trader. From a number of top-notch leading direct market access front-ends and APIs to a high-throughput connectivity optimized for speed.  Our motto: no distractions.

What We Offer

Trading is not a “standardized” business and neither is the need for functionality when it comes to front end features.  Listed below are some of the core features we provide, including in-house offerings (marked below**) and, in the case of highly competitive and well-developed products, our choice of outside vendors (with whom we have a long-term relationship)

  • Direct Market Access (DMA) platforms for discretionary trading
  • APIs for automated trading
  • Analytics and charting platforms
  • Direct access to most major sources of liquidity:  exchanges, ECNs, dark pools, and OTC counterparties
  • ** multiple stock locate environment
  • High-speed market data (full depth of book with no constraints) using fiber point-to-point connectivity plugging directly into Frankfurt
  • Web-based reporting & performance analysis; ad hoc trading analysis available
  • Co-location
  • **Integration services for deployment of existing automated strategies
  • **Trading floor and call-in tech support
  • Floor Broker Assisted Orders (exceptional advantage for open/close auctions)

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Quotes & Connectivity

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