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Program 2019

Alaric has been successfully training traders since 2000.  We hire selectively into our core Training Program and always take risk on new traders.

Alaric is hiring new trader trainees for its 2019 Program.

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Recruiting & Hiring Process

We typically recruit on campus at the following schools for positions in Sofia:

Technical University Sofia

SA”D.A. Tsanov” – Svishtov


University of Economics Varna


National Military University

Sofia University

University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship

If your school is not on the list, or if you are a recent alumnus, email careers@alaricsecurities.com for our current recruiting schedule or with any questions.


What we look For

  • Strong demonstrated interest in trading as a career

  • Ability to manage risk, stress, and uncertainty

  • Intelligence with proven quantitative skill

  • Competitive drive

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

  • Persistence, resilience

  • Bachelor degree in Business, Technology, Psychology, or Mathematics/Physics (graduating this year also applicable)

  • Outstanding analytical skills


The individuals will be responsible for:

  • Managing positions in a trading account

  • Developing trading strategies

  • Working with monthly targets

  • Decision taking in a changing environment


What we offer:

  • You will be trading with company capital

  • Access to the world’s biggest financial markets – NYSE , NASDAQ, AMEX

  • An opportunity to learn from experienced traders

  • An opportunity to develop your own strategies

  • Unlimited opportunities in terms of financial results


Career Paths

Each of these paths are only available to traders with proven track records; they are not options at the outset.

Membership:  Established traders have the opportunity to become partners of the firm.  This milestone is usually not available until a trader’s 2nd anniversary with the firm, though exceptions are made for outstanding performers.

Trader Development:  :  Top traders with an interest in teaching may help lead the Alaric Training Program.  This track gives traders an opportunity to educate, mentor, manage, and lead, in addition to their roles as traders.

Emerging Manager Program (EMP): Traders with hedge fund aspirations or who are just interested in managing longer-term portfolios may apply to join the EMP.

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**Acceptable file types: pdf, doc, docx

Alaric advantages

Alaric’s main business is investing in traders.

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Branch offices

Alaric is headquartered in a 900 sq.m. office in Sofia.

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