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Alaric is a natural choice for entrepreneurial professional traders seeking a sophisticated broker-dealer.  Our goal is to develop, support, and partner with the industry’s best traders and to create an environment where they can make more at Alaric than anywhere else.


Traders and Groups

We are always interested in hearing from experienced individual traders or trading groups. 
Candidates should email careers@alaricsecurities.com and include the following:

    Asset classes traded
    Discretionary, automated, or both
    Primary trading platform
    General description of strategy
    Trading performance data / P&L sheets

We generally respond within two business days.


How We Help Traders Maximize Earnings

  • Commitment to trading floor quality
    • Best education comes from the best traders
    • Shorter adjustment times through better communication and diverse strategies
  • Integrated Automated Trading division with whom traders can partner for new income streams
  • Opportunity to manage a portfolio through our Emerging Manager Program (EMP)
  • Unique trading tools developed in-house
  • Firm scale and reputation that affords us access to exclusive platforms and technology
  • Quality and speed of network for fast quotes and executions
  • Access to solid balance sheet with regular merit- and opportunity-based capital increases

What We Look For

  • Successful track records with the performance reports and statements as backup; unless through our training program, we generally do not take traders without steady experience
  • Actively traded strategies that can be clearly communicated with demonstrable risk/reward profiles
  • Traders or groups willing to contribute capital as long-term partners of the firm; though not a requirement, we are most comfortable with traders willing to bear risk on their own strategies
  • Entrepreneurial, resilient personalities; driven and unflappable
  • Unique strategies or qualities that would complement our trading floor

Why Trade with Alaric Securities vs. Other Career Options?

  • Autonomy:  you choose your level of involvement with the rest of the trading floor or keep to yourself if that’s your preference
  • Trading vs. Other Responsibilities:  trading is your ultimate responsibility, not assisting someone else or doing grunt work
  • Economics:  unlimited upside, access to multiple income streams
  • Proprietary Capital:  access to capital that can scale with your business, without the headaches or constraints of managing outside investors’ money
  • Culture:  intellectually stimulating but fun, relaxed environment with no hierarchy
  • Entrepreneurial:  traders can dictate their own career paths


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