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About Us | Alaric Securities

Where does a talented trader go nowadays?

If you truly dream of becoming a Trader, where do you go to learn ins-and-outs of Trading?

Did you trade for a bank or a hedge fund and never liked someone stealing or not giving you your bonus?

Did you just graduate and ploughed through millions of unexciting job postings?

Start a hedge fund and deal with legal, administration, and ever-demanding investors…if you’re able to find them?


Alaric’s main business is building traders from the ground up.  We offer new and professional traders the resources, education, preparation and subsequent guidance in the career of Multi Asset Trading.

Our Advantages:

Commitment to Talent and Fostering Innovation on the Trading Floor

Talent is the primary ingredient we look for in our applicants: if an applicant has previous experience, such should be not only exceptional but also verifiable. New traders must show a great potential during the interview process in order to be considered for a position.  The foundation on which we’ve build our floor is rather simple: talent fosters talent. An organism is only as weak as its weakest molecule and we rely on building a strong eco-system.


Technology based on the need for Liquidity, Speed, and Flexibility

Alaric Securities has dedicated significant resources on its technology platform, including:

  • 1G+ fiber point-to-point connectivity for low-latency
  • Multiple direct-access trading platforms for both discretionary and automated trading and for multiple asset classes
  • Onsite stock borrow team which secures the ever so hard-to-locate stocks to borrow

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Strong Focus on Risk Management

Through the superior Trading Platforms, we offer to traders a 2-nd layer of company risk monitoring systems. We guarantee adequate position, leverage, and exposure monitoring. We have built our balance sheet and risk management methodology accordingly. Our scale has also enabled us to secure relationships not available to smaller firms.


True Career Building

Trading can be a rewarding profession, but it will challenge your will.  Sustaining a long-term profitability, handling high levels of stress daily, and coping with competition is a difficult task. Alaric’s training program focuses on the fundamentals of trading; the heuristics of choices; the inefficiencies still hidden in the markets and the deep imbalances of supply & demand in order to build flexible traders with long-term perspectives.  Once a trader builds a proven track record, we will allow him to eventually follow multiple career paths:  new talent development specialists, emerging fund manager, CFA chartering, and a Portfolio Manager position within our Asset Manager.


Investing in Trader Talent

Training traders is the essence of our operation from day one at Alaric. Trader education is the ultimate preparation for the future of investment management at our firm. Taking risk on such an investment is a risk we are willing to take. It is an investment in the future of both the individual and the firm. We do not invest in capital or machinery: we invest in people.


Alaric advantages

Alaric’s main business is investing in traders.

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Branch offices

Alaric is headquartered in a 900 sq.m. office in Sofia.

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