New recruitment 2018

Discretionary Traders

Alaric Securities is a favored destination of both aspiring traders competing to enter our training program and experienced traders in search of a better platform on which to expand their business.

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Automated/Quant Traders

Automated Trading at Alaric offers all the necessary tools for successful strategy implementation: VPN based API plug-in, low-latency market data, co-location, capital allocations among accounts.

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Career Seekers

Alaric Securities offers compelling career paths for new traders, experienced traders, emerging portfolio managers, and operations and technology professionals.

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About Alaric Securities

Alaric Securities is a Sofia, Bulgaria-based broker-dealer focused on providing retail and institutional discretionary trading capabilities across multiple asset classes, including equities, options, futures, FX, and commodities.

We train and support professional traders and emerging fund managers and provide a state-of-the-art software platform for both individual traders and groups alike. Capital allocation, risk monitoring, manager-trainee monitoring and execution, and many other features crucial for growing and managing professional trading groups or small hedge funds.

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